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 Want to Challenge UN1T for a friendly?

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PostSubject: Want to Challenge UN1T for a friendly?   Mon Dec 07, 2009 2:18 am

If you would like some target practice (lol, nah we're fuckin sick) just post in here that you are interested in havin a friendly.

Weekends are best times, but we should be able to field a team almost anytime.

PLS post if you want
Friendly map setup (ie both clans know maps and modes in advance) or clan wars map setup (ie challenged clan picks first map and mode on the night, challening clan pick second etc)
Dates, preferably on weekends.(xmas coming up, there's lots of shit happenin)

UN1T would like to play the game how it's meant to be for a while. I / We would like to see how a clan wars go without rules.
We are happy with the std
NO TOOBS, Deathstreaks limited to copycat and last stand if you must change the game.


Don't forget to bring a towell
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Want to Challenge UN1T for a friendly?
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