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 UN1T vs 9mm wednesday 8pm edt

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PostSubject: UN1T vs 9mm wednesday 8pm edt   Tue Dec 14, 2010 4:26 am

Hey guys, next war is against 9mm contacts are Crowla and Borg163
I like the rules for this comp a bit better.

Map choices
Team Deathmatch: Cracked
Headquarters: Firing Range
Demolition: Jungle
Domination: Hanoi
Capture the Flag: Grid
Search and Destroy: Crisis
Sabotage: Summit

They have first pick each team can host their opponents maps if they wish.

Our roster is




I am hoping to get berzerkerz added to this, will update if and when it happens.

RULES for 6A tourny

General Rules
*Game Recording: Enabled. Game recording must be set to enabled so the match can recorded, in the event of a dispute that video will be used as evidence.

* Team size is to be a maximum of 6 plus subs. No more then 6 can play in any one game (ie. 6v6)

* Battles are to be best of 5 games / first to 3 game wins

* Left listed team to have first pick of map & mode

* Teams are to alternate picking maps & modes

* Teams have the option to host their opponents map/mode picks

* Teams have the option of top or bottom faction/team for their map/mode picks

* Hosts must provide at least half of the people in the lobby with 4 green connection bars unless no other host is available

* Teams cannot pick the same map or mode as their pick twice in a row

* The same map & mode combination cannot be played more then once in one clan battle

* Teams must be present & ready within 15 minutes of the scheduled battle time unless arranged & agreed to prior

* Cheating, glitching or using players not on roster will result in a round loss if sufficient evidence is provided

* If a team leaves a match early for any reason then it will result in an immediate forfeit loss of that round

* If a game ends due to a host timing out or disconnecting, it will result in the forfeit loss of that round for the team that elected to use that host

* The use of banned weapons, perks or death streaks will result in the forfeit round loss for the team which the player belongs to if sufficient evidence is provided

* Unresolved match disputes are to be referred to a 6A Referee or Administrator

* All 6A Referee & Administrator decisions are final

Game Mode Rules
Every single item listed below is BANNED from this competition. If it is not listed below players are free to use it.

Secondary Weapons
Launchers - RPG, China Lake and M72 are all BANNED

Weapon Attachments
Grenade Launcher, Dual Wield (Akimbo) and Grip. Are all BANNED from Primary and Secondary Weapons.

Grenades and Equipment
EQUIPMENT – Motion Sensor and Tactical Insertions are BANNED

Perk 2 (The Orange Perks): Warlord is BANNED.
Perk 3 (The Green Perks): Second Chance is BANNED.

Care packages, SAM Turret, Sentry Guns, RC-XD, Valkyrie Rockets, Blackbird, Chopper Gunner, Attack Dogs and Gunship are BANNED.

Game Mode Settings
All game mode settings are to be kept DEFAULT besides the following 3.

1. You will need to change the the setting of, 'Switching Sides', to 'Every Round' in the options part for Search and Destroy.
2. Wave Respawn Delay on for Capture The Flag and Sabotage set to 7.5 Seconds.
3. Game recording to be Enabled.

Don't forget to bring a towell
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UN1T vs 9mm wednesday 8pm edt
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